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Re: [PATCH] Re: 2.99.51-pre3 available

On Thu, Jul 15, 1999 at 04:33:45AM +0200, Magnus Sjoegren wrote:
> Whoops, well untested it was :). Attached is a patch that tries to
> implement support for PAM (it also includes the shadow patch and
> the changes you made). This patch is untested but it compiles. 
> I used the service_name zmailer_smtpauth, is there a standard name for
> this service?

	No, not yet -- well, perhaps  "smtpauth"  ??
	Or  "smtpauth-login", as several other models of SASL
	authentication machinery are also possible.

> Autoconf searches for security/pam_appl.h and shadow.h. PAM is preferred
> over shadow and and shadow is preferred over regular passwd in that
> order ... my autoconf skills sucks. If you encounter problems with 
> undefined reference messages when compiling smtpserver, remove the
> -lshadow statement from smtpserver/Makefile.

	I got this patch uploaded to my laptop, and will now do
	mergeing of your patch to my source repository I carry
	with me (which I must then sync with my *real* repository..)
> Magnus.
> --
> Magnus Sjögren <dat98msj@student3.lu.se>

/Matti Aarnio