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2.99.49p9 router memory leak


We just received a message which trips a memory leak in our Z-Mailer
2.99.49p9 router.  The culprit is this line:

from <"<>"@spacesurfer.com>

If I change it to:

from <nobody@spacesurfer.com>

then the message is routed properly.

I recall some such bug (if not exactly the same bug) was discussed a while
back and, probably, upgrading Z-Mailer is one way to fix this.  I just
wonder if there is another way, such as a patch to one of the .cf files.


Roy Bixler
The University of Chicago Press
rcvdfrom [] ([]:28242 "HELO spacesurfer.com" ident: "qmailr")
with SMTP
identinfo qmailr
from <"<>"@spacesurfer.com>
todsn ORCPT=rfc822;wfreis@press.uchicago.edu
to <localuser@press.uchicago.edu>
Received: (qmail 13670 invoked by uid 207); 6 Jul 1999 18:15:47 -0000
Date: 6 Jul 1999 18:15:47 -0000
Message-ID: <19990706181547.13665.qmail@spacesurfer.com>
From: reservations@webhotels.demon.co.uk
Subject: WebHotels - Quality Hotel 
To: localuser@press.uchicago.edu

Dear Customer(s)

Thank you for using the services offered by WebHotels. This automated e-mail 
is an acknowledgment of receipt of the secure submission form.
Whether you wish to enquire or place a confirmation we will get back to
you within 24 hours (although usually it is no more than 4 UK office hours!).

To avoid disappointment please come back to us as soon as possible once
the availability has been confirmed as we do not hold rooms on a
provisional basis.

Should you have any further questions regarding your stay please feel
free to send a standard e-mail.

                |       Tel:+44-(0)1325 241300          |
                |       Fax:+44-(0)1325 462300 or       |
                |       Fax:+44-(0)8700 549888          |
                |                                       |