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Re: canon.cf

> Matti,
> in canon.cf line 209 there is a ')' in place of ']'.  So, brackets
> are unbalanced.  Did I send you a wrong diff?  I don't think so,
> my copy looks correct...

	Outch, manual entry error...

	However I have been now wrestling with it in mind of
	getting it consider things more like RFC-821 quote rules:
		foo\!faa!fii	-> foo@foo\!faa.uucp
	however it seems that longer bang-paths have not worked
	even then:
		foo!faa!fii	-> faa>@fii<@foo.$localdomain

	Damn...  Alexis Yushins original canon.cf work ok for
	ordinary bang-paths...

	Looks like it would be better to pick PERL's regexp
	processing code and use it here..  Because it has
	'greedy-off' mode available per pattern qualifier basis.

	Matching leftmost ! element:


	It is also amazingly fast...

	... Ah, easier to change  scan822()  so that it produces
	special tokens for  \!  \@  etc. where the second character
	is RFC822 special.  No need to switch to PERL-RE machinery.

	By the way, I was also worried that the ssift/tsift patterns
	are compiled every time they are needed.  That isn't true.
	They are compiled *once*.

	However, you can (in theory) construct a pattern to be matched
	into a variable, and have it expanded:
		ssift "$foo" in
	Now if this "$faa" varies in between runs, the pattern is still
	per what the first value was...

> --
> Eugene Crosser, "Russia-On-Line" System Administrator (Sovam Teleport)

/Matti Aarnio