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routing bangpaths broken?

Since I installed the CVS version of Jun 16 or somesuch, I noticed that
mail arriving from UUCP is no longer delivered.  The problem seems to
be here:

z$ router abc@aol.com
<crosser.interactive@chronos.sovam.com>: address: abc@aol.com
(((smtp aol.com abc@aol.com default_attributes)))
z$ router aol.com!abc
<crosser.interactive@chronos.sovam.com>: address: aol.com!abc
(((smtp aol abc@aol default_attributes)))

Any thoughts, Matti?

Eugene Crosser, "Russia-On-Line" System Administrator (Sovam Teleport)
+7 501 258 4170 mailto:crosser@online.ru http://www.online.ru/~crosser/

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