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Re: percent-hack - any plans?

Eugene Crosser wrote:

> Matti,
> do you have plans to make "reject-percent-hack" work any time soon?
> As ORBS now checks for relaying with ...%...@... type of addresses,
> it is quite pressing...  I think that I could try to look into it if
> you are not doing it right now :)
> Eugene

well i've solved it somehow :) When ORBS test they have to use

rcpt to:<use%some.domain@localhost.your.domain.nam>

syntax (or very similar... localhost.your.domanin is the important
If you have relaying blocked (not totaly.. but allow only some domains
to relay.. u may put something like this
in smtp-policy.src

localhost.your.domain.nam  = _private_address

somehow it works :))) Local users and that who are in smtp-policy.relay
may still send e-mails.

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