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Re: Permissions

16 maja, godzina 10:11, na atlantis.list.zmailer pisze Dawid Kuroczko:
> I'm running ZMailer 2.99.50s17 and I run into a problem.
> I want to create a "secure" channel, a channel which will work
> with UID > 0.  Sounds pretty simple, just enter to the channel
> configuartion in scheduler.conf line like this:

Sorry to followup to my post but I've found an answer, which
was quite simple indeed.  One has to simply correct the line:

/* this group will own control and message files after the router is done. */
/* Users in this group can view the entire mail queue contents, if it doesn't
 * exist, the original permissions will prevail.
char    *files_group = NULL;            /* if this is NULL, we use files_gid */
int     files_gid = 0;

in router/conf.h.

Hmm, maybe it should be pointed out somewhere in the docs or configured
from mail.conf / zmailer.conf?  It's quite useful thing, I think. :)

Another thing which took me some time to understand is that
channel names are not just "symbolic names".  That it does
differ if you put something in "local", in "smtp" or in
"bsmtp3".  Maybe it would be a good idea to put a big fat
warning for people like me? ;)  

Anyway if channel name is different from the ones defined
explicitly in rrouter.cf, it is given IMHO not the data that
is best for it.  I'm talking about MAIL From<%s> name,
which (in case of local user) channels "local", "smtp" and most
others get user@local.domain.  The rest, channels named
"test", "mymailer", "blah" or "foo" receive only "user",
without "@local.domain".  Personally I don't like this
default; because of that I posted while back an article
<7a7cd9$ip$1@atlantis.ssw.krakow.pl>, which remained
unanswered (was it so obvious or noone thought anything
could went wrong?).

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