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Re: TLS in smtpserver

Thinking more of my answer to Eugene's question:

> > Another question: how do you actually use auth?  Can you, e.g., require
> > auth for a specific set of networks?  How do you tell to the policy
> > checker that if auth is used, then the source is "trusted"?  Any docs?
> 	Sorry, docs (manual) is way out of date..
> 	The problem I begun to solve with the "AUTH LOGIN" facility
> 	are people who are subscribers at our email services, and
> 	who want to send email thru our outbound email relay server(s)
> 	when they are traveling somewhere -- our local networks are
> 	listed at the policy datasets allowing relaying, but when
> 	they are somewhere else...
> 	The policy code contains a simple test: "authentication has
> 	been successfull ("authuser" variable is non NULL), allow
> 	open relaying."

	This all can - sort of - be interpreted as 'from those networks
	thy must AUTH LOGIN', but only as a complement of the set of
	networks from which that isn't needed *FOR OUTBOUND RELAY*.

	It could be possible to add mechanism to list networks for which
	AUTH LOGIN is required, but where that would really be necessary ?
	( That is, define a skenario, and you might get it... )
> > Eugene

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>