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> Well, I feel silly.  I've been using zmailer for years (good package!)
> and I just realized, "Hey! I never joined the mailing list ...".
> Greetings, all.
> Anyway, I was just updating one of my zmailer installations and I
> noticed that there is no longer any reference to FORCEPUNT in the
> SiteConfig.in file.  I see that it is still referenced in the
> proto/cf/aliases[-new].cf files.
> Am I correct in assuming that it was deleted by accident from 
> SiteConfig.in when the SMARTHOST variable was removed?

  Huh ?  Oops... (I really should stay in bed for next 24 hours; just sleep..)
I am re-introducing it in following form in the  SiteConfig.in:

 # PUNTHOST is where mail that is supposed to go to a local address, but
 # no such address exists, is punted to.
 #PUNTHOST=	relay.cs
+# FORCEPUNT is for cases when the local machine under no circumstances
+# is to store any email locally, but send all such to this given address
+# (local host is a member on a "cluster" whose message store is at some
+#  other cluster server, and said node handles "local" delivery for all
+#  cluster members... *including* running pipes..)
+#FORCEPUNT=    mailhost
 # SMARTHOST is where mail that cannot be resolved or routed is punted to.
 # There used to be a variable for this, now a better way is to use 'routes'
 # database at which you put line:   .  smtp!smart.host.name
 # (That is: dot, white-space(s), "smtp!smart.host.name" )

Hmm... Damn, it could be either way with the pipes, I can't say for sure.

Anyway, implementation of the FORCEPUNT seems unusually shoddy, there
is no recursion loop preventation, for example. (When FORCEPUNT host
can be found in localnames data..)

> -- 
> 	Devin Reade		gdr@trenco.gno.org

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>