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configuration inconsistency. MX usage forbidden..

In the archive i find a few messages regarding this problem (SunOS 5.6/gcc
2.8.x) (i.e. 21/01/1999).

Symptom is that the server won't process mx records correctly. When you
try to mail to user@this.domain.nl the mx server is this.domain.nl
although in dns the mxrecords points to mail.domain.nl.

I stumbled upon this last week and didn't directly want to comment out
line 631 in smtp.c as mentioned in the discussion at that time.

Any other solution yet, i.e. fixes to source ?


btw.. the latest cvs snapshot (3/4/1999 at 21:00 GMT+1) doesn't compile on
SunOS 5.6/gcc 2.8.1. It stops at:

gcc -Wall -g -O2  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H  -I./../include -I../include -I..
 -I../libsh -I. -o listexpand.x listexpand.o -L../libs -lzmdb -lsh -lzm
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
dn_expand                           ../libs/libzc.a(getaddrinfo.o)
_getshort                           ../libs/libzc.a(getaddrinfo.o)
h_errno                             ../libs/libzc.a(getaddrinfo.o)
getservbyname                       ../libs/libzc.a(getaddrinfo.o)
res_search                          ../libs/libzc.a(getaddrinfo.o)
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to listexpand.x
make[1]: *** [listexpand] Error 1

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