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Re: zmailer subject filtering ? ( ie controlling Melissa virus)

In article <19990330133914Z9201-26258+1496@nic.funet.fi> you write:
>> ftp://ftp.cert.org/pub/cert_advisories/Patches/CA-99-04-sendmail-melissa-filter.txt
>> Is there a quick kludge for same in zmailer?
>	Alternatively, somebody could complete the  contentpolicy()
>	thing that exists as a hook in the smtpserver.  (hint, hint..)

Alternatively, before somebody could complete the contentpolicy()
thing, people could use my quick kludge (against 2.99.50s11) at
This patch also contains my other kludges, so be advised to look over
the other kludges and delete them if you don't want them.

It's only tested very little. So YMMV.

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