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ZMailer binaries please

Hi all,

I gave it up today, i can't compile ZMailer 50 series, i can only compile
49 series, last one i compiled was ZMailer 2.99.49p5a2 and now want to compile
ZMailer 2.99.50s11 or s5 even s4 but it always fails the way i previously
reported, does anyone have any 2.99.50s11 binaries available?

My system is Sun Solaris 2.5.1 on Sparc 5.

Send me some URL i should go grab it, or just ftp the gzip'ed file here:


OR send them by email, thanks!

 RCP - Internet Peru      Tel: +51 1 422-4848 
 Dpto de Operaciones      Fax: +51 1 421-8086