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Re: ADV: 900+ Search Engines, For Only 9.95

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hmm, anti-spam filtering?? *g*

Here's my enhancement recommendation for ZMailers' mailing list

Why not accept email messages sent to a mailing list **only** from
members (MAIL FROM: entry) listed in the mailing lists' member
database?? So if a spammer like this guy want to spam to a ZMailers'
mailing list, he has at least to subscribe to the list and can't just
spam from outside into the list.



At 16.02.99 11:08, hansen22b@yahoo.com wrote:
>Email removal 800-771-2003
>Monday thru Friday, 8-5 Pacific Time
>       We'll Submit Your Site To Over 900
>     Search Engines, Directories, & Indices
>         For A Cost Of Only $ 9.95 (*)
>     ***  100% Money Back Guarantee  ***
>*** Immediately Increase Your Sites Exposure ***
> For About One Penny Each We Will Submit Your
> Web Site To Over 900 Of The Net's Hottest Search 
> Engines, Directories & Indices.
> If your site isn't listed in the Search Engines,
> how can people find you to buy your products 
> or services?
> For just $9.95 we'll take the work load off your
> back instead of you trying to do it manually which
> can take days to do.
> We're the professionals that are here to help
> you have a shot at having a successful marketing
> experience with the internet.
> You know as well as we that your time is
> best utilized managing your business and not
> sitting at some keyboard hours upon hours
> trying to save about one penny for each  
> submission. See how it's kind of crazy to try
> to tackle this on your own.  It's just not 
> cost effective to try to do this yourself to
> save just $9.95.
> See why thousands and thousands of businesses 
> world wide both large and small have come to 
> us to utilize our services.  Hotels, Motels,
> On-Line Stores, Travel Agents, Colleges, 
> Universities, Governments, Fortune 500 companies,
> Movie Studios, Chambers Of Commerce and many,
> many more.  Shouldn't you give us a call now?
> To Learn More, Call Us At The Numbers Below.
> Call us toll free at (800) 771-2003 in the USA
> and Canada or outside the USA at (916) 771-4739
> and we'll provide you with all the necessary
> information to get you submitted Right Away.
>(*) We submit your site MONTHLY to over 900 Search
>Engines, Directories and Indicies for only $9.95
>per month. 12 month minimum term required.

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