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message processing problem

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Hi folks!

After testing ZMailer for a while (again, I'm new to ZMailer and don't
know a lot of details about it) I ran into a problem (no... actually
not me but ZMailer on my system *g*).

When sending an email message through ZMailer, it is **sometimes**
happening that the message file (or it's envelope) is being created in
the postoffice (postoffice/transport/...) directory with inproper file
flags or at least the wrong owner.

An ls gives out the flags -r--rw---- and owner / group is daemon /
root. As the rights on that file are set this way, the ZMailer
scheduler is unable to work on that file while later processing takes
place because the file owner doesn't have any rights for writing on
that file (or even delete it - when manually setting the file flags to
rwrw-- processing takes place immediate!).

The scheduler log then blows up within seconds until the file system
becomes full and the process is unable to write any log entries out to
disk anymore. The log states the following:

19990207061147 DBGdiag: # mailbox:22501: Cannot open control file
from "/var/spool/postoffice/transport" for "local/tim@zeus.vwsoft.com"
as uid 101! (%m)
Resyncing file "A/520-22426" (ino=520) (of=1 ho='tim@zeus.vwsoft.com')
.. resync

o.k. I suspect the problem comes from some "setreuid" calls I needed
to change to "setuid" because my UnixWare 2.03 system doesn't support
that setreuid call directly (well.... it's in the man pages but noted
as a ucb-cc call and I couldn't find any entries in any header or lib
files within the c sdk for that call so I changed to setuid - has been
a quick and dirty solution.....).

Again, this is not the normal situation as sometimes or most times
mail processing is doing well (as expected).

Any suggestions?????

I'm currently using ZMailer 2.99-50s11 #6 (is there any newer stable
release available?).



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