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local alias expansions


I'am testing zmailer under linux and I have two problems I need help

1) I need zmailer to run on a dedicated machine without homes
directories. This machine only serves as smtp and pop server and local
users have no shell and home directory. I have a couple of users who
needs to forward a copy of all mail they receive to other locatio saving
a copy in their local account in the server. When I put the following
line in the aliases file:

pepe: pepe, pepe@infovia.com


pepe: \pepe, pepe@infovia.com

, zmailer only forwards incoming messages to pepe@infovia without
leaving a local copy of the message. 

2) Many people at this site use an old version of eudora wich keeps
local adresses in address-books without domain. For example they have
entries like:

"pepe juarez" <pepe>
"students"    <juan><pedro><miguel>

and so on... This version of eudora don't have a per default domain so
it sends the message to MTA directed to <user> and no <user@locadomain>.
I realxed all the configuration parameters so zmailer can accept this
adresses but I can't make it to trear them as localadresses.

I'd be very gratefull if somebody can give me a hand with this.


Marcelo  Behar
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales
Universidad de Buenos Aires