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Malformed sender


	Sometimes router from zmailer-2.99.50s11 write "Malformed sender"
message in its log file.  This happens when sender of message is
error-channel.  For example, if I send message to unknown user, then I
receive following error message:

---------------------- cut here -------------------------------

channel error
todsn ORCPT=rfc822;vit@access.lipetsk.ru
to <vit@access.lipetsk.ru>
To: vit@access.lipetsk.ru
From: The Post Office <postmaster>
Sender: mailer-daemon
Subject: Delivery reports about your email
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/report; report-type=delivery-status;

Content-Type: text/plain

This is a collection of reports about email delivery
process concerning a message you originated:

<local vitt vitt 65534>: vitt: Mailbox does not exist [exit status 67/67
(addressee unknown)]

Content-Type: message/delivery-status

Reporting-MTA: dns; access.lipetsk.ru
Arrival-Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 17:08:44 +0300

Original-Recipient: rfc822;vitt
Final-Recipient: X-LOCAL;vitt
Action: failed
Status: 5.1.1
Diagnostic-Code: x-local; 521 (No such target user)
Last-Attempt-Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 17:09:09 +0300

Content-Type: message/rfc822

Received: by access.lipetsk.ru id <92457-25081>; Thu, 10 Dec 1998
17:08:44 +0300
From:   vit@access.lipetsk.ru
To:     vitt@access.lipetsk.ru
Subject: Test #3
Message-Id: <19981210140858Z92457-25081+1@access.lipetsk.ru>
Date:   Thu, 10 Dec 1998 17:08:44 +0300


---------------------- cut here -------------------------------

	Where is my problem?
	CU, Victor Gamov