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Re: Max Recipiants?

> Is there a configuration item that limits how many recipients a message
> can have?  I had a customer ask me that after he tried to send out an
> email message to 107 people.  I didn't remember seeing such a limit
> anywhere in the config files.  Any ideas on this one.. or does someone
> know what the default limit is?

	No, for example this  <zmailer> list has 217 recipients,
	and I know several lists at vger.rutgers.edu which exceed
	2500 recipients.

	The SMTP transport contains official limit of 100 recipients
	per DATA phase, but sending more is just a matter of sending
	the recipients in chunks of 100 recipients + body.

	Likely an EHLO extension mechanism should be registered to
	allow feeding more than 100 recipients per DATA/BDAT..
	In between ZMailer's there is  "X-RCPTLIMIT 10000".

> Thanks
> Brent
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> Brent Foster
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/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>