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Consumer Inquiries at Netcheck


We have contacted you because we have received a few inquiries about 
your web presence here at The Netcheck Commerce Bureau. 
Your Company, Website, or Individual Name, URL, or email address were 
searched for in our search engine.

We offer many consumer services to the Internet community.
These services are provided to you at no cost by the members of
The Netcheck Commerce Bureau.

You can find our Consumer Services section at:

If after your visit you have any questions please let us know by phone or email.

We wish you the best.
The Netcheck Staff

P.S. We apologize in advance to anyone offended by this notice. Our
intention is only to inform you of the inquiries.It is not nessessary to
reply with remove in the subject line as we have done this for you.
This courtesy notice is never sent more than once to the same email address. 

The Netcheck Commerce Bureau
776 S Canyon Rd.
Springville,Ut 84663