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Re: localdomains and MAIL FROM:

> Hi,
> I have configured the zmailer 2.99.50-s10 to accept mail for
> several localdomains like first.cz, second.cz ...
> When I send for example msg. with FROM: user@second.cz , the message is
> delivered with FROM: rewrited to user@first.cz.
> Please, can sombody tell me how to disable this behavior?

   Does your  'localnames' contain:
	first.cz	first.cz
	second.cz	second.cz

   If there is no second column, system defined local name is used.
   If there IS the second column, that name is used.

   As this seems to be difficult to people, should the mechanics be
   changed to one where lack of the second column maps into the first
   column, and the existence of the data maps to whatever that other
   one is ?

> With many thanks 
> Milan

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>