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Spam filtering...

	(ZMailer Server 2.99.50-s8) 
	I'm trying to put the spam filters but...
If I put: 

.                      relaycustomer - relaytarget - senderokwithdns +
[]/0            relaycustomer - relaytarget - senderokwithdns +

And then:
_full_rights    rejectnet - relaycustnet + relaycustomer + relaytarget +

[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]/xx 	= _full_rights

I read that
#|  if (IP address of SMTP client has 'RELAYCUSTNET +' attribute) then
#|   sender accepted, recipients not checked
#|   [state->always_accept = 1; return ACCEPT;]

But in practice I can't send e-mails to the outside from here 
[xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx]/xx if they don't have relaytarget +

Is that one of the changes in the new beta version?
or Am I doing somthing wrong?

Thank you,

   Ma. Carolina Leon Carri                  
   Red de Interconexion Universitaria - RIU
   e-mail: carolina@riu.edu.ar            
   Tel: (541) 511-1201