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Re: About canonicalize()


Once Victor Gamov wrote:
>        I found out the strange behaviour of canonicalize() function
>(IMHO) today. 
>If envelope address "from" is shown as a form: `host!host.domain!user'
>(uucp form)
>then canonicalize() function returns `host.domain!user<@host.uucp>'. 

	Yes, it correct. It is only zmailer canonical form and
it will be defocus back into original format. You might want
to shortcut these addresses as a local policy with something like:

        # Weird hack... But we shortcut ! source routing
                return $(rrouter "\2.\3!\4" "$origaddr" $A "" "")
        # And % too
                return $(rrouter "\1%\2.\3" "$origaddr" $A "" "")

	within the end of the first ssift of rrouter