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"From:" header problem


 I recently installed version "zmailer-2.99.50-s2" on our system.
This version was not installed as an upgrade but into a new install
directory tree.
 The only problem I have is the "From:" field has changed in the message
 Mail that is posted by the "zmailer" sendmail program into the
"postoffice" has a "From:" field in the delivered message as follows:

From:   lemieux@eecg.toronto.edu

 The delivered mail used to have a "From:" field as follows:

From:   "Guy G. Lemieux" <lemieux@eecg.toronto.edu>

 "zmailer" is running on a Solaris 2.5 server. "zmailer" was compiled
with gcc 2.7.2. 

 The source was compiled with the following config script:

../configure --prefix=/var/zmail       \
      --with-postoffice=/var/spool/postoffice         \
      --with-mailbox=/var/mail                        \
      --with-logdir=/var/log                     \
      --with-zmailer-conf=/etc/zmailer.conf \
      --with-bundled-libresolv \
      --mandir=/local/man \
      --libdir=/local/lib \
      --includedir=/local/include \

 I would appreciate any suggestions on where to look for the problem.

regards peterp

Dept. Electrical Engineering
10 King's College Rd.,
University of Toronto, 
Toronto, Ontario 

Computer Systems Coordinator
Phone: (416)-978-6097
Fax:   (416)-971-2326
Office:          Galbraith GB254E
Electronic Mail: peterp@eecg.toronto.edu