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Re: translation of address

"Stuart.Chase" wrote:
> Can zmailer translate addresses on outbound mail based on a list?
> ie I am Stuart.Chase@msvu.ca, I am sending from a novell Mercury
> system - my from address looks like
> From:                   "Stuart.Chase" <SCHASE@msvu1.msvu.ca>
> When someone sends mail to stuart.chase@msvu.ca it resolves it to
> this account@server. Can I set zmailer, using the rev list, to send
> messages out with the Stuart.Chase@msvu.ca as the from address?
> not the default reply address but the actual from address?

	I think that isn't a problem.  Simply add scannig some database in
crossbar() function.  We use adding database to rewrite "to" address.

	Am I wrong?

	CU, Victor Gamov