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Re: Empty letters body from compuserve.com

mea@nic.funet.fi wrote:
> >       Hi!
> >
> >       I have problem with letters received from compuserve.com.  When
> > Content-Disposition: header line exist in such letters and
> > "Content-Disposition: inline" then all messages are empty.  I use
> > Zmailer-2.99.49p9 and deliver from Cyrus IMAP server as local deliver
> > agent.
> >
> >       Any suggestions?
>         Confirm from  SMTPSERVER's logs that those messages do indeed
>         have more content, than just the headers.  (Bytecounters)
>         If they do, then we need to track the happenings down, I would
>         like to get a copy of such a message headers.

	OK.  Next time when I receive such message I will check SMTPSERVER logs
and, if it will be really need, send message to you.

	CU, Victor Gamov