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router cycling (.50-s6)


Today I noticed a router process that was cycling since 15 Sep and did not
die on simple kill (15).

root 20223     1 42   Sep 15 ?       25889:11 router -dkn 8

Before killing it with -9, I attached to it with gdb and here is the

#0  0x2bebc in AcceptInputToken (tlistp=0xefffbcf4, ap=0x105418)
    at rfc822walk.c:193
#1  0x2d018 in parse822 (entry=AddressList, tlistp=0xefffbcf4, ltmp=0x10dfd8, 
    tfp=0x88000) at rfc822walk.c:827
#2  0x27db8 in hdr_scanparse (e=0x10df48, h=0x0, commentflag=0, 
    no_line_crossing=0) at rfc822hdrs.c:125
#3  0x22478 in makeLetter (e=0x10df48, octothorp=0) at rfc822.c:366
#4  0x21b3c in run_rfc822 (argc=2, argv=0xa3868) at rfc822.c:151
#5  0x4192c in execute (c=0xefffe7e8, caller=0x0, oretcode=0, name=0x0)
    at execute.c:382
#6  0x33d4c in runcommand (c=0xefffe7e8, pc=0xeffff160, retcodep=0xeffff15c, 
    cmdname=0x6a420 "rfc822") at interpret.c:711
#7  0x359ec in interpret (Vcode=0xa37d0, Veocode=0x3, Ventry=0xc98ca, 
    caller=0xeffff160, retcodep=0xeffff15c, cdp=0xd3200) at interpret.c:1758
#8  0x37918 in lapply (fname=0x6a428 "process", l=0x10df18) at interpret.c:2738
#9  0x379bc in apply (argc=2, argv=0xeffff600) at interpret.c:2762
#10 0x20640 in s_apply (argc=2, argv=0xeffff600) at shliaise.c:44
#11 0x1a1c8 in rd_doit (filename=0xeffff300 "44556-20223", dirs=0xc3038 "")
    at functions.c:740
#12 0x1a524 in rd_instability (dirp=0xcf0d8, dirs=0xc3038 "")
    at functions.c:859
#13 0x1a874 in run_daemon (argc=0, argv=0xeffffc80) at functions.c:994
#14 0x17e74 in main (argc=3, argv=0xeffffd54) at router.c:310