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No Subject


I've looked through all the distribution (zmailer-2.99.50-s5) docs and 
could not find any mention of the problem I'm encountering.  I've tried 
finding faqs on this with no success.  I would not mind if someone could 
kindly point me to a zmailer faq archive, if such a thing exists.

Here is what I get when trying to mail from one mail server (A) to 
another mail server (B):

I/143736-12069: ^M<<- BDAT 987 LAST^M->> 503 5.5.2 Waiting for MAIL 
command (running now, pid=13609 vtx=NULL ??, expires in 2d23h, tries=4)

Mail from server A does not get through to server B, but A can send 
outside of our domain.  Sending messages directly through the smtp port 
from A to B works fine.  Also, server B can send to server A.  As far as 
zmailer is concerned they are identical except for the obvious local 
configuration differences.  

Looking through the smtpserver logs on server B you can see that "MAIL 
From" is null, so that's most likely why B rejects messages from A.
Still trying to understand why this only happens between these two 

What is baffling is that both servers were working fine until a couple 
of days ago.  No changes were made to zmailer, or to the servers 
themselves, as far as anyone can tell.

Ideas on the actual subject are welcome.  Thanks.    

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