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mailq format

Just a small nitpick about the mailq output format. 
(not in any way critically important).

The presentation form tends to mislead the eye and brain a bit.
We have generally something like:

   Threads:    2 Msgs:     3 Procs:   1 Idle:   1 Plim:   9 Flim: 150 

Whenever I look at this my poor brain tends to read it as:
	2 Msgs
	3 Procs
	1 Idle

instead of 

	3 Msgs
	1 Proc
	1 Idle

There doesn't seem to be many alternatives, but something like the
following might at least help divide up the content appropriately:

   Threads:    2; Msgs:     3; Procs:   1; Idle:   1; Plim:   9; Flim: 150 

[ same would apply for the summary 'Kids ...' line ]

Other ideas anyone?

James S. MacKinnon           Office: P-139 Avadh-Bhatia Physics Lab
Team Physics                 Voice : (403) 492-8226
University of Alberta        email : Jim.MacKinnon@Phys.UAlberta.CA
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