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ZMailer scheduler problems

Running Solaris 2.6, zmailer 2.99.49p10.

Originally everything was compiled with cc back in March (I think) - BTW
we are the site that had the problem with hundreds of thousands of retries
on quota failures.

About a month ago I recompiled the transport agents, scheduler and router
with gcc The quota retries went down by a factor of about 30. But
we'd start zmailer, it'd send all the messages in the scheduler queue, and
then all future messages to users (for delivery with mailbox(8)) would
stick in the scheduler with "waiting for channel slot". I moved the old
scheduler back and the queue unplugged (of course the 300000 retries came

A few nights ago I installed gcc 2.8.1 and did a clean configure & make of
everything. I didn't do "make install" but copied over the binaries by
hand after stripping them (so I could back up the originals).

Now we're having the same problem. After a while the queues plug up (even
if the # processes < maxchannel) -- all of them, local/*, local/pipe and
smtp/*. Mostly local/* and local/pipe though -- mailbox just stops.
Killing all mailbox processes gets things moving again.

Ideas? Help? ;) Please? Thanks!

Michael Smith