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relaycustnet smtp-policy


The doc/guides/smtp-policy file states:

  #|  if (IP address of SMTP client has 'RELAYCUSTNET +' attribute) then
  #|   sender accepted, recipients not checked

In the smtp-policy.src file, for the _full_rights entry, this policy has
been defined:

  rejectnet - relaycustnet + relaycustomer - relaytarget +

Though, when connecting from a host that's within the _full_rights domain, I
get a message

  453-4.4.3 Policy analysis reports temporary DNS error
  453-4.4.3 with this target domain. Retrying may help,
  453-4.4.3 or if the condition persists, some further
  453-4.4.3 work may be in need with the target domain
  453 4.4.3 DNS servers.

when the DNS-servers of the target domain are temporarily out of order. Is
this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?