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Re: Bug in RFC822 parser ?

On Fri, 18 Sep 1998 kissg@sztaki.hu wrote:

> I thing something is wrong with zmailer-2.99.50-s8. Previous versions
> accepted nested parentheses. The current one crashes
> Gabor


> To:	kissg@sztaki.hu
> Sender: news@sztaki.hu
> Illegal-Object: Syntax error in From: address found on lutra.sztaki.hu:
> 	From:	kissg@sztaki.hu(Gabor Kiss (Bitman)))
> 			       ^-missing closing ')' in token

I also see the same thing in zmailer 2.99.50-s5.

If as you say, previous versions (which ones?) did work, then
either prior to 2.99.50-s5 or within the range of s5 to s8
some good fix in the parser was undone...

I wonder where the extra ')' at the end is coming from?

My simple test:

	Error in "To" header address:
                	              ^-missing closing ')' in token
	The entire original message file follows.
	verbose "../public/v_a21403"
	from root
	todsn ORCPT=rfc822;jmack@phys.ualberta.ca+20(j(m))
	to jmack@phys.ualberta.ca (j(m))
	To: jmack@phys.ualberta.ca (j(m))
	Subject: test

James S. MacKinnon           Office: P-139 Avadh-Bhatia Physics Lab
Team Physics                 Voice : (403) 492-8226
University of Alberta        email : Jim.MacKinnon@Phys.UAlberta.CA
Edmonton, Canada T6G 2N5     WWW   : http://www.phys.ualberta.ca/