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including fullnames data

Running zmailer 2.99.50 on a linux box.

The data file fullnames is generated from a database and uploaded 
to the linux box in text format. This worked a week ago. I have 
recompiled and reinstalled zmailer in the course of working on policy 
filters and this got broke.I looked through the manual but only found 
a couple of references to fullnames and fullnamemap.

 Where/when does the fullnames file get converted into a database 
format, specifically fullnames.db?  
I tried makedb but the router runs when I use the new db but
won't resolve first.lastname@here, I have to use my "getting old" 
last revision of fullnames.db that worked. Any ideas? 

Stuart Chase
Co-ordinator - Network Services, Postmaster
Dept. of Information Technology and Services
Mount Saint Vincent University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Phone - 902-457-6292