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Re: zmailer & virtual domains

>      I have the following question -- can I have some different mail
> domains     in one UNIX-box with zmailer?  For example, I want to have
> user1@domain1 and     user2@domain2 but user1@domain2 must be error address.

There is exactly one problem: how to tell Zmailer which addresses are
valid/where to put their mail.  Here we are running Zmailer compiled with
replacement getpwnam() function that actually returns "struct passwd"
information from a database rather than passwd, and is aware of domains.
Then, we have a special channel "virt" that is sililar to "local" but
invokes mailbox agent with "-d /path/to/vdoms/$host" option.  Essentially,
that's all.  You also need a patched POP/IMAP server that is aware of
domains...  I've patched UW imapd.