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Re: identinfo SOCKFAULT1

> 	This is because the system does not recognize itself
> 	as the target for the email.
> 	Your 'localnames' file does not list 'popserver.lipetsk.ru'
> 	as one of the local names.
> > identinfo SOCKFAULT1
> 	I don't remember what this did mean, but likely it is a result
> 	from not having 'ident' server in your local system.
> 	(nic.funet.fi does not have such either -- at DEC UNIX it
> 	 would need average 40 000 lookups via /dev/kmem to resolve
> 	 single ident information query -- a bit too much...
> 	 At Linux systems there is support for the lookup within the
> 	 kernel, and the entire thing is thus fairly light-weight...)
> > 	We use zmailer2.99.49p9 on FreeBSD UNIX-box.
>    Hmm...  It may also relate to the way how non-blocking
> sockets make connection on *BSD.  See file  libident/identuser.c
> /Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>
	OK!  I hope that it help me.  

	CU, Victor Gamov