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RE: Old song - timeouts

I'm running Zmailer with Linux kernel 2.0.[29-35] in productions servers
with no problems at all. My workstation is running 2.1.109 and Zmailer is
running ok too, but with little workload...


> > Myself I do use bleeding edge development kernels, and those
> > don't (usually) exhibit this kind of timeout problems.
> Hmm... I'm fighting with myself to use the dev kernel on my server (at
> home I'm on 2.1.x since almost the very beginning)... OTOH,
> ftp.uk.linux.org runs on 2.1.106... hmm... I think I'll give it a shot and
> see whether it helps. If it does, then I'll try to track down what might
> be the cause of the timeouts.