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zmailer & log rotation

The zmailer script includes a 'logsync' option...

            if [ -f $POSTOFFICE/.pid.router ]; then
                pid=`cat $POSTOFFICE/.pid.router`
                kill -1 -$pid # SIGHUP the router GROUP
            if [ -f $POSTOFFICE/.pid.scheduler ]; then
                pid=`cat $POSTOFFICE/.pid.scheduler`
                kill -1 $pid # SIGHUP the scheduler PROCESS

I haven't found much info about the use of this option and wonder if I
should be using it as part of our log rotation process. Currently we're
using a kill...rotate...start procedure, as in:

"mail/scheduler") /var/csuite/csuite1.0/zmailer/bin/zmailer kill scheduler
                  agelog -z 0 mail/scheduler 4 OLD
                  agelog -z 0 mail/scheduler.perflog 4 OLD
                  /var/csuite/csuite1.0/zmailer/bin/zmailer scheduler

As previously mentioned this seems (?) to be starting the retry process
over again each time we rotate the logs (nightly)... and contributing to
an excessive number of retries on over-quota accounts....

What is the recommended log rotate procedure...????

thanks as always...
david potter