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Re: information on Received: header line

> I've looked at the source, but it's confusing to a person like me with
> limited programming experience. How hard would it be to insert something
> like '(zmailer $ver)' in the Received: line? I know it would serve no useful
> purpose, but I like to see what's being used out there, just curiosity is
> all. I do a little awk script from time to time, but it seems that only
> qmail, exim, smail, and some versions of sendmail actually put their stamp
> there.

At the moment: Yes, very hard.

If I would add it at all, I might place it into "by" field:

  Received: from ... (...) by host.name (zmailer $ver) with ...

See   router/rfc822.c:  mkTrace()  function.
(Oh yes, it is DIFFICULT to do, indeed...)

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> Dana Booth <dana@oz.net>

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