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Re: Help with my problem!

> 	Hi!
> 	Yesterday I have problem with routes file and some incoming
>    messages has been routed incorrectly.  How I can return messages already
>    processed by router from scheduler queue?  Is it possible?

	Without larger modifications into the scheduler the ways to do
	it now are difficult..

	- Become root
	- Shut down the scheduler.
	- go to POSTOFFICE/transport/
	- search for all transport specification files containing
	  recipient lines you want to redirect:
		r      channelname hostname user-specification privcode

	- edit all those lines into form which direct them back to
	  the system (or to the final location, if you can):
		r      smtp [] user-specification privcode

	- That is, modify the 'hostname' part to be bracketed NUMERIC
	  loopback address -- using name will reject, don't use name
	  for the local system there!

	- Restart the scheduler

> -- 
> 	CU, Victor Gamov

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>