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Re: ETRN configuration

> Hi all,
> Quick question: I have one client that uses dialup connection with a
> fixed IP address that would like to use ETRN feature for all incoming mail
> for his domain 'client.com'
> How to i tell my ZMailer 2.99.49p5a2 running on Solaris to queue mails
> for client.com, so they can later on use ETRN to retrieve?

	You don't need anything unless you want to do special
	"never try to originate a connection when a new message
	arrives into the queue".  (Normally arrival of a new
	message into a thread does also thread start, unless
	resource limits stop it..)

	If you want such "queueonly" behaviour, then you need to add
	route entry:
		client.com	smtp-etrn!
	compile the new database, and you are all set.

	Independent of "channel" part, the ETRN parameter is looked up
	thru active target "host" parts, and a thread start is scheduled
	for ANY thread with matching "host" field content.
	(Thus it is possible to ETRN trigger delivery to some local/*
	 user, too...)

> BTW http://www.zmailer.org/zmanual does not work today..

	Huh ?  Oh damn..  I have to lean on people who run DNS
	servers at my work; our "private" ORG zone servers
	management is a bit sloppy :-(

> Thanks,
> Enrique-
> -- 
> Web Site: http://www.rcp.net.pe (PERU)
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/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>