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Hi !

The moment I read your file on the internet, I wanted you.  I'm a hot, young babe, just turned 18.  My 
breasts are fully developed D cups and the rest of me is even hotter.  I'm writing this stark naked, 
stroking my pussy.  I want to go crazy on your cock, wrap my mouth around it, cover it with drool, rub 
my tongue everywhere.  Then I'll lick you from head to toe, slather my tongue over all your sensitive 
spots - suck your peehole, tongue your asshole, mouth your balls, lick your feet.  Back to your cock - 
pulling, sucking, licking until you come all over my face.  Jam your hard cock between my big tits and 
fuck my fat boobies as I suck the tip of your cock out of them.  Come all over my hard nipples and 
watch me lick it off.  My hot teenage twat is sopping wet and begging for you.  Finger my clit and lick 
my juices until I scream for you to fuck me.  Ram me with your dick.  Stab my pussy with your hot 
throbbing meat.  Make me beg for mercy, but never stop.  Lick the salty tears from my face and 
cover my screaming mouth with yours.  I am your slave.  You are my Master, now and forever.  To 
reach me write: debbie_du@hotmail.com

Your Passion Slave