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Re: Time zone detection

Dnia  4 Jun 98 o 14:09, mea@nic.funet.fi wypocil(a):

> 	Perhaps there is, but BOTH versions should behave
> 	the same way when it comes to the timezone handling.
> 	I think I have not touched at the timezone codes for
> 	quite a while.  Likely the last change there has been
> 	about a year ago.
> 	Have there been versions where the timezone code works
> 	in your system ?
Oops, correction: I've just installed s4 again and it also doesn't 
recognize timezone. 2.49.99 worked great. Since today I use 2.0.34 
kernel, but I think it doesn't affect tz detection.

I'll check it again... Maybe it's my system failure.


"Spierdalaj, Radetzky."

           Andrzej Sapkowski