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Re: Dotted usernames

> Zmailer still refuses to deliver messages to local dotted usernames. I have
> a lot of users with a dot in his login account. The mailer error returned
> is:

Ok, now there exists router configuration (*.cf) files for testing
at  ftp://mea.tmt.tele.fi/zmailer/cf/

The fullnames database becomes partly superflous.  A better way
for defining (easily, if possible)  more than one alias database
could solve also the need for explicitely named "fullnames".

The "sendmail" has a certain advantage on this, as it has only one
file for the configuration, and the "newaliases" function uses that
very same configuration to find which database(s) to compile.

An attempt at this is given in script   aliases.zmsh.example  which
with these new .cf files is able to define aliases() wrapper function
along with multiple databases -- but beware, is is not easy to use
in fully automatic manner :-/  Also, there is no easy way to recompile
all databases that are "members" of aliases().

> I don't like to maintain two databases (fullnames and passwd) to map dotted
> usernames. With other mailers there is no problems with this kind of
> usernames.

I created a username  "foo.test."  and tried these scripts.
Works fine.

> Alfredo

/Matti Aarnio