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dot at the end of address


Recently our company migrated from NTMail to ZMailer.
At old mail server we had account with e-mail address
Unfortunately this address is not correct for zmailer.
When I do "expn thermoteam.pl.@supermedia.pl" I'm geting the
following response:

250-Error in "thermoteam.pl.@supermedia.pl" RFC822/976 address:
250-    thermoteam.pl.@supermedia.pl
250-                  ^-illegal word in localpart, propably extra '.' at
the end of the address
554 illegal address syntax: <thermoteam.pl.@supermedia.pl>

Is there any way to make this address work?

* Piotr Glaska          *        Supermedia         *
* Systems Administrator * Internet Service Provider *
* MCP+Internet          * http://www.supermedia.pl/ *