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Re: mailrm, mailbox and /dev/null

> >From maillog:
> Jun  2 16:28:44 facil3 mailbox[12150]: S.pR.k2365234: to=</dev/null>,
> delay=00:00:24, xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=local, stat=error2 mail to file
> disallowed
> >From mailer-daemon:
> <local file./dev/null /dev/null 99>: mail to file disallowed
> > > Uhmmm, seems that with 2.99.50-s4, ta/mailbox refuses to send mail to
> > > /dev/null, so I can't cancel messages anymore with mailrm...
> >
> > 	And what is the error message ?
> > 		"Mail to file disallowed w/o proper privileges"

	Ah I see.  Yes, that is because the code until two hours ago at
	first checked for privilege, and only then for the magic name of

	Now it checks for "/dev/null" accepting any sender privilege,
	and doing "processing" for it.  For other uses it does normal
	check that the sender is/isn't "nobody" (mr 99).

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>