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Re: Error in canon.cf?

Which ZMailer version ?
A late 2.99.49/2.99.50 ?

> I wonder if in $MAILSHARE/cf/canon.cf, in the function canonical() there is
> an error.
> The line
>   tmp="$(deliver "$host")" && return "$tmp"
> should be?
>   tmp="$(deliver "$host")" && return "$host"
> This is why when looking in the localnames db, it always add the real host
> domain name instead the original sender domain?

	It depends on what you have stored into  MAILVAR/db/localnames
	file; at nic.funet.fi I have for example:

fiport                  fiport.funet.fi
fiport.bitnet           fiport.funet.fi
fiport.funet.fi         fiport.funet.fi
ftp                     ftp.funet.fi
ftp-test.funet.fi       ftp-test.funet.fi
ftp.funet.fi            ftp.funet.fi
funic                   nic.funet.fi
funic.funet.fi          nic.funet.fi

	That is, if the address has domain: ftp.funet.fi,  then
	processed address will also be  ftp.funet.fi.
	On the other hand, in case of  funic.funet.fi  the outgoing
	name will be nic.funet.fi.

> alfredo

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>