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Re: Vacation pipeing dies with upgrade

> I have just upgraded from 2.99.48p2 under SunOS4.1.3_U1 to
> 2.99.50snap5 under RedHat Linux 5.0.  After a bit of fiddling I
> seem to have everything working again except pipeing to 
> vacation.exe does not seem to work anymore.  I get weird pipe
> errors and the message either sits in the transport queue forever
> or it cores and disappears after a while:
> local/pipe.thomas@amc.ab.ca:
>         72329-2560:     shell-init: could not get current directory:
> getwd: cannot access parent directories [exit status
> 126] (retry in 8m1s, expires in 2d23h, tries=1)
>           id   
> <Pine.SUN.3.91.980530051914.16612B-100000@edson.ee.ualberta.ca>, 937
> bytes, age 21s
>           from  data@edson.ee.ualberta.ca
>           to    "|/usr/mail/zmailer/bin/vacation.exe -a thomas ttj"

	This is - weird.
	The  transports/mailbox/mailbox.c  program has ONE instance
	of  fork()  call.  A couple lines below it you can find
	two calls of:

	If you alter those to be:

	does the problem go away ?

	In all cases I suspect the problem is in user ~ttj home directory
	accessability -- is over NFS ?

	If it is, then likely it does indeed need   setreuid(), but I am
	not sure if the  SunOS 4.1.*  had it.
	(root-squash does nasty tricks..)

> local/pipe.daryle@amc.ab.ca:
>         72329-2559:     shell-init: could not get current directory:
> getwd: cannot access parent directories [signal 11 (Core
> dumped)] (retry in 7m38s, expires in 2d23h, tries=1)
>           id   
> <Pine.SUN.3.91.980530045859.16612A@edson.ee.ualberta.ca>, 908 bytes, age
> 14s
>           from  data@edson.ee.ualberta.ca
>           to    "|/usr/amc/zmailer/bin/vacation.exe -a daryle data"

	Likely same NFS related problem here.

> One curiosity is a router -i session differs slightly between the two
> versions:
> old:
> z# router thomas
> <root.interactive@amc-edm.amc.ab.ca>: address: thomas
> (((local ttj ttj g1)) ((local pipe.ttj
> '"|/usr/mail/zmailer/bin/vacation.exe -a thomas ttj"' g1)))
> new:
> z# router thomas
> <root.interactive@apollo.amc.ab.ca>: address: thomas
> (((local thomas ttj@amc.ab.ca g1)) ((local pipe.thomas
> '|/usr/mail/zmailer/bin/vacation.exe -a thomas ttj' g1)))
> Notice especially the different quoting around the vacation pipe.

	Yes, some internal changes in the routing algorithms
	which now handle quotes somewhat differently, and
	don't need them explicitely.  (But this is not the
	problem about pipes...)

> Any ideas?
> -- 
> Daryle A. Tilroe      |------------------------------|
> Systems Administrator |  email: daryle@amc.ab.ca     |

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>