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Re: router does memory fault (.50s4)

> Hello.
> 	i have compiled zmailer .50s4 under AIX when i tried
> to start it i got memory fault during router startup. i have recompiled
> router and lib with debug info and examined real crash point, below is
> gdb backtrace:

	Do you have ANSI-C compiler ?
	Is your system running in 64-bit mode ?

	This smells like non-ansi treatment of 64-bit wide
	pointers where default type size is 32 bits.
	(Alphas have this same problem if compilation is not
	 done in ANSI-C mode.)

	If that turns out to be the case, I propably need to
	have some hands-on experience with your host to tune
	the autoconfig to understand AIX better.

> Starting program: /home/luke/src/zmailer/router/router 
> Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
> 0x10006f0c in sp_lookup (key=537002664, q=0x1) at splay.c:66
> 66              c = ++(q->lkpcmps);
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0x10006f0c in sp_lookup (key=537002664, q=0x1) at splay.c:66
> #1  0x10007014 in sp_install (key=537002664, data=0x20000464, mark=0, q=0x1) 
> at splay.c:98
> #2  0x10000fd4 in initialize (configfile=0x2000c1d4 
> "/usr/local/zmailer/router.cf", argc=-1,
>     argv=0x2ff22ae4) at router.c:363
> #3  0x100009dc in main (argc=1, argv=0x2ff22ae0) at router.c:233
> #4  0x100001f4 in __start ()
> 	tried to go through the sources with gdb but data structures are
> too complex to solve problem in 30 minutes, may be someone (who knows 
> router internals well) has any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated.
> 	it really frustrates because one hour ago i have installed .50s4 
> on the openbsd and it works out of the box.

	Try setting breakpoint at  sp_install(),  and see what parameters
	it gets when it is called.  (step a few "next"s, and print the
	parameters - especially the q, and then "continue")

> /Oleg

/Matti Aarnio