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Re: problems with mailq

> Hello
> I have the following problem. some of messages where undeliverable because
> of mistakes in localnames file. after fixing those mistakes still
> these messages are in queue (checked with mailq).
> "zmailer scheduler" does nothing just trying to push the queue and these
> messages are still in queue.
> is there any way to direct these messages to proper location?

	yes, by shutting down the scheduler, editing all those
	transport specification files with recipient addresses
	("r "-lines) pointing to wrong location into what proper
	routing result would have been -- or (I think), just
	rewriting original:
		r     smtp target.address original@target.address 1234
		r     smtp [] original@target.address 1234
	That is, changeing the "host" component to be IP literal
	address:  []  (using local hostNAME is not advisable,
	as then the system will stop due to MX recognition..)

	After that, restart the scheduler.

	Currently there is no way to command the scheduler to move
	a message from its queue back to the routing phase.
	That is one more thing for 3.X series.

> i appreciate any help
> PS is there any publically available archive of zmailer list?


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/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>