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Re: smtpserver

> Is there a quick way of locking down smtpserver to only accept mail
> for internal addresses only?
> I have had a lot of spam go through our server today, and would
> like to prevent it.

	Second-best explanation is available at:

	That part is missing from INSTALL document, even its newer HTML
	incarnation, but I just "published" a snapshot from LaTeX manual
	writing work:


	In it I have tried to to fill in gaps in the installation
	process I have percieved recently -- and in 2.X (installation)
	part there are some place-holders for things -- khrm.. like
	for the smtpserver policy filters....

	... fortunately latter in the manual, around 3.4 (page 23)
	begins deeper analysis on smtpserver, and 3.4.2 is the part
	you really want to read.  Also pay attention to figure 3.2.

	Everything in the manual is not trustworthy. While writing it
	based on old  texinfo  document, and dozens of other sources,
	it really begins to show how things have evolved over the time.
	In chapters 1 thru 3 I have tried to flag errors, if not correct
	them, but 4 and onwards is yet untamed territory...

> Thanks,
> A

	/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>