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policy filtering problems

Sorry if this shows up twice, we were having severe problems with the 
mailer (went back to the previous version for now) and I really need 
some information/help.

Installed zmailer 2.99.49p9

I have a problem with the policy filter. It is working fine to 
prevent spam but it is also blocking some legitimate email, both the 
sending and receiving of.

The problem is that I want to send to a legitimate address but I 
cannot do a dns lookup on the domain unb.ca, www.unb.ca has an 
entry, but they have no dns entry for just unb.ca. The smtp server
 (because of the server policy filtering rules) refuses to send to it.
The users address worked before I upgraded zmailer. 

Our domain is msvu.ca, the mail server is actually serf.msvu.ca, but I
can do a lookup on msvu.ca which resolves to the same address as
serf.msvu.ca, perfect. We are similar to this other institution with
the difference being that we can do a lookup on just  msvu.ca.

What can I do to allow our mailer to send/receive to/from unb.ca 
without doing a dns lookup on it? There is a bunch of other addresses 
that cause me the same problem as well. For now I would be happy with 
just setting up the mailer to refuse anything on the spam list and 
refuse to relay for outside our domain.

Ideas? Point me in the right direction. :^)
Stuart Chase
Co-ordinator - Network Services, Postmaster
Computing & Communication Services
Mount Saint Vincent University