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Re: Minor glitches

> Minor problems in `make install' on recent versions:
> - default destination for zmailer.h and libzmailer.a are `strange'
>   Something like /include/, ...  Not a big deal but still.

	Ah, right..  Bugs in  libc/Makefile.in @xx@ substitution
	tags. (Rather: lack of certain tags..)

> - make install does not install proto/*.conf into ${MAILSHARE}.
>   While the previous versions are moved to ./bak/, this results in
>   unrunnable installation, you have to copy them by hand.

	You saw my comment on this already thru CVS commit logs,
	but for other people:

	Unless existing   xxx && xxx || echo xxxxx && xxxxx
	command pipeline is too complex for some shells, I don't
	really see WHY it would have failed.

	Hmm...  Unless the subsequent generator phase of adding
	certain message header to the file and storing it into
	$MAILSHARE/ is done in such a manner as not to work when
	run as root.  Do you, by change run the zmailer source
	tree on NFS filesystems ?

> --
> Eugene, who just got todays snapshot and will be playing with it.

Matti Aarnio -- To keeps tinkering with the snapshots...