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Re: prversion.c

> >      You are playing with my CVS tree, aren't you ?
> Right, because there is nothing to play with on the ftp server ;-))))
> >      The committed set is not yet consistent...
> >      ... ok, now it is fully committed.
> Seriously, I've installed 2.99.49p10-s11 on the production machine (it
> was running for some time on a `staging' one), and I noticed some
> strangenesses.  First, postmaster sometimes receives reports with
> empty contents:
> This is a collection of reports about email delivery
> process concerning a message you originated:
> and nothing more.

	There have been some changes in the scheduler's  msgerror.c
	that may cause that - or might not.   Those reports are
	diverted to postmaster when no 

  Second, somehow postmaster started receiving non-
> delivery reports from other sites in responce to the non-delivery
> reports generated by zmailer.  Looks like the format of return-path
> has changed or something?  Remotes do not distinguish reports, which
> they did distinguish before.

	It all begun when I tried to convince the system to not to
	put out "From: error" when there was no "From:" header, and
	the message was from error channel.  It clearly needs more

> The other thing is that I want to move to a now-standard mailbox quota
> feature from the hack that is working now.

	Me too, in my own way.   But we need ability to pull '.forward'
	from the background databases as well (in the router).

	Care to suggest a function call returning something ?

> Eugene

/Matti Aarnio <mea@nic.funet.fi>